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Creating a bright future of freshness

FreshLong™ Korean Made, Korean Technology


The most efficient way to keep freshness.

Leading Innovative Technology

Established in 2002 with innovative products in the agro-industry. At the heart of this innovation is FreshLong™, ECOPLANTS’ patented
1-Methycyclopropene (1-MCP) generating device, which guarantees to enhance the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.



ECOPLANTS is a leading company that is highly developing innovative products in the agro-industry.

We are dedicated in ensuring that our products are world-class.
We have invested in intensive research and development to come up with products with proven efficacy and guaranteed results.

More than having a large market share in Korea, our goal is to be a
trusted partner ensuring our clients get the maximum results in our product.  As a testament to this, ECOPLANTS has been a long-time partner to LG Chemical (LG group) for over 10years.

For us, our Ethylene management product is more than just a product. It is a reflection of our pride and life-long strive for quality and efficiency.

A fresh Granny Smith apple and a sprig from an ornamental apple tree on a wooden board in a garden

Korea’s #1
Trusted Product

Patented 1-MCP
Generating device

100% Customer