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CEO Greetings

Dear Customers,

Welcome to the ECOPLANTS CO., LTD. website.

We are a leading Korean company that is highly committed to developing innovative products in the agro-industry.

All of us including our highly-qualified technicians are striving to cultivate our operations with the aim of making ECOPLANTS the industry leader.

The most outstanding achievement is FreshLong™, patented 1-Methycyclopropene (1-MCP) generating device, which guarantees the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

For us, FreshLong™ is more than just a product. It is a reflection of our pride and life-long strive for quality and efficiency.
We, at ECOPLANTS, strive to develop and produce the best possible quality of products, in line with our team’s one simple goal: Manufacturing quality 1-MCP generator that can’t be beat by our competitors and that perfectly fit our client’s needs.
We aim to bring our quality products to our clients with the promise of high standards of service, quality, affordability and on-time delivery.

To facilitate achieving our goal, we have thorough and strict quality control standards throughout production. Our continuous diligent research on our production control allows us the best possible efficiency so that we come up with cutting-edge products and competitive pricing so both of our organizations can be in strategic positions in the world market. In addition to this, our business is guided by high ethical standards. We are committed to social responsibility and environmental preservation.
We do no compromise on our ethics or high standards of quality. ECOPLANTS treats all business dealings with our clients respectfully and seriously.

Thank you.

President , Jung Min Back