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Ethylene management

The Magic of Freshness

With our innovative & smart science,
your produce can stay fresh for a long period of time.

Blocks ethylene gas

Made with a World-class Science & Technology

Innovative technology
patterns registered product


World Class
Product of Korea

Safe from residues - FreshLong™

FreshLong™ Active Ingredient



*Exemption list for pesticide MRL in food

Components of the active ingredients contained in the pesticide registered for use in the 『Pesticide Control Act』 or legally used in foreign countries under the laws of the country may be exempted from setting MRLs for the following reasons. An the ingredients to be exempted are shown in the table below.

  • Ingredients that are unlikely to cause harm to the human body due to their low toxicity
  • Ingredients that do not remain in food at all
  • Ingredients that are difficult to distinguish from those contained in foods
  • Safety-guaranteed natural plant protection ingredients