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All the way through for the freshness

FreshLong™ reduce losses and costs within the supply chain network.
Explore our innovative solution for your crops.
FreshLong™ provides superior results compared to other competitors in the market.


Maintain quality and firmness of apples from harvest to the end consumer

With our world-class ethylene management technology, FreshLong™ helps your overall quality of apples last longer and stay fresher.
FreshLong™ makes the highest purity 1-MCP and this makes FreshLong™ the best performing product in ensuring maximum freshness for your apples.
Maintain firmness and quality of apples until it is being delivered to the consumer.
Crispness, juiciness and taste of an apple is absolutely important for consumer. Our pride, FreshLong™ can make it possible for apples to keep their utmost best in the freshest condition for longer naturally.

Our team at ECOPLANTS, are doing our utmost best to provide and help agro-produce handlers with innovative and consistent ways to achieve their freshness goals confidently with proven quality. Therefore, the consumer can immediately notice the difference and become your loyal consumer.

a close up on two fresh pears isolated on a white background
Whole kiwi fruit and his segments isolated on white background cutout

Protect your pear quality and appearance for the best pack out.

Our FreshLong™ technology is great to control bruising and scalding, preserve stem freshness and reduce internal browning. 

Keep your Kiwifruits fresh and firm as expected by consumers.

Our technology is proven effective on both green and yellow kinds and support you to maintain better firmness levels and overall freshness during and after storage.

Our innovative freshness technology can be used for various kinds of produce

You will get to know our great freshness technology truly works to protect your produce quality, reduce waste and deliver superb customer satisfaction.