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What we do

Technology that brings world-class quality freshness for Agro-produce handlers

We invented our device with our extensive knowledge in the agro-industry and close collaboration with technologists, scientists and post-harvest physiologists.

Supporting you – All the way through for the utmost freshness. Go smarter with our innovative patented 1-MCP generating device FreshLong™, no one can beat us in the industry.

FreshLong™ technology helps to achieve the utmost freshness for all agricultural crops handlers, and our technology can be applied from the moment right after your produce is picked and all the way through to the end of supply chain. At the end, this will make all happy and great satisfaction. FreshLong™ technology will help deliver maximum freshness and the very best possible competitive crop produce which is beneficial for agriculture entrepreneurs.

Clean Freshness Technology Freshlong™

Your best partner for the smartest freshness


Beyond Korea. Reaching out to Global market with our Innovative Science

FreshLong™ ethylene management is highly recognized by customers in Korea and is Korea #1 brand presence.

With our proven efficacy and guaranteed results, we have been dominated the market
share as the number 1 brand. Our world-class ethylene management is proved to be a perfect choice for the optimal shelf-life of fruits and vegetables. With all that confidence,
we are ready to serve the global market.

Preparing for the future of the global freshness solution that will inspire the agro-industry and better life

With our expertise and intensive ethylene management knowledge, we are continuously doing our utmost best to create better agro-industry future by brining together our intensive agro-industry knowledge, expertise and R&D partners.

Delivering FreshLong™ Technology across the entire supply chain

Effective ethylene management from the production and distribution of fruits and vegetables is extremely important to prolong the produce lifespan. Therefore, FreshLong™ technology should be used at all points of the supply chain.
(Growers, packers, distributors and retailers)

We care about food waste and safety 

Our innovative ethylene management product can be a great answer to the food waste issue and safety matters for both of your work and produce.

We work as one team for the best possible science and technology

At ECOPLANTS, we closely work with customers and all different professionals to create the better than the best services and new technology. This is the root of our world-class innovative ethylene management technology.

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Korea’s #1 Trusted Product & Serving Korea’s best