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Ethylene Management

Made with a world-class science & Technology.


Starting from the moment fruits and vegetables are harvested, they begin to lose quality and eventually decay. Ethylene is the natural plant hormone generated internally that controls the speed of fruits and vegetables’ quality and freshness.

Keeping produce fresh is extremely important during storage and transport due to ethylene-rich environments can accelerates the ripening Process rapidly, that results in spoilage, loss and waste.

FreshLong™ patented 1-Methycyclopropene (1-MCP) generating device,
which blocks the production and absorption of ethylene for long.

Ethylene Management

Our freshness technology is not like the ones that you readily see in the industry. 

Our world-class R&D, Technology experts, collaboratively create innovative science that is very unique and enhance the best possible freshness. (the experts develop technically and scientifically proven freshness effects that can boost fruits and vegetables’ freshness.)


Delay ripening process to lengthen storage

Our world-class, innovative & patented technology,
1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP), is similar to ethylene, a naturally occurring hormone that causes fruit to ripen.
FreshLong™ blocks ethylene-sensitive sites in the fruit to manage its response from internal & external ethylene sources.
This allows holding the ripening process, and slows the softening.

Freshly harvested apples in the sunshine

FreshLong™ allows your produce to be kept in the freshest condition all the way to the consumer

Consumers demand the highest possible quality and so does the whole supply chain. To meet such challenges, the FreshLong™ patented innovative technology will allow you to deliver the very best possible fresh produce with many benefits.
Higher returns, energy savings and maximizing freshness.
FreshLong™ enhances your storage performance to help you deliver great customer satisfaction.


Freshness™ - Let freshness begin and stay with you

FreshLong™ technology is extremely valuable for transporting produce over long distances.
Keeping freshness longer to satisfy your customers and you are ready to reach out to access global markets.

Simple, convenient application

FreshLong™ offers convenient solution with ‘do-it-yourself’ application.